February 2, 2009

One Week Until Surgery

I had my pre-op last week. My doctor reviewed my responsibilities before surgery and reassured me that the procedure was very simple. I asked him if he could show me on the screen where he was going to cut. Although this was out of the ordinary for him, he happily obliged.

With his magnifying camera and the screen above the examining table, he was able to show me where the skin had fused. I could see the build up of cells under the skin. It's funny, that's not where I thought the problem was at all.

I proceeded to hunch over, spread my bits and show him the area where I continually find a build up of cells. He told me that my trouble spot looked ok. I told him that he would probably wind up having to open that area next.

Back in my doctor's office, he told me that there is always the risk that the problem not improve or get worse after the procedure, but it was unlikely. He told me, he could really do it in the office, save for the fact that I wouldn't be able to tolerate the pain. You do not want a patient to flinch when you're slicing her mystery mountain.

I'm nervous, but hopefully everything will be fine.


Anonymous said...

I would love to know how your surgery went - mine is at the end of May with Dr Reid

Anonymous said...

same here I have surgery scheduled for early June and would like to hear about your surgery