November 23, 2010

Finally Getting Better

It took the full six day treatment and a few days of rest, but I think my pink taco is free of sour cream!  (Like that visual?  Sometimes I even gross myself out!)  My pudendal neuralgia is keeping the area inflamed, but there are no other symptoms.  The pain is dissipating slowly. 

November 16, 2010

Out of Commission for Two Weeks

I can usually ascertain the cause of a bacterial imbalance in my lady bits, but not this time.  I have no idea what caused it.  I started having burning and discharge (gross) about two weeks ago.  My first impulse to self-medicate.  In the past that has been a problem because by the time I get to my specialist, there's no evidence of an infection and all that I have left is residual burning from my flared pudendal nerve.  On those occasions, I got a very stern scolding from my doctor. 

This time I decided to be a good girl and schedule an appointment and do nothing to teat my symptoms.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get an appointment until Thursday, a full week after the symptoms began.  Ugh!

It was a miserable week, but I thought it would be worthwhile when my doctor said, "yes, this time you really do have a yeast infection."  Not this time! 

After looking at my cells under the microscope my doctor's PA found that I did not have any signs of yeast!  So frustrating!  The good news is, even if I had self-medicated it wouldn't have helped.  The bad news is, I don't know what caused it and the treatment is messy. 

I hate using overnight vaginal creams because the whole next day that cream gets all over my squish!  Yuck!  Obviously, I have to wear underwear on those days, which causes more pain to my poor sloppy moose knuckle! 

Hopefully, this clears up soon.  It's making me feel gross.