February 16, 2009

Vulvodynia Heroes

I'm honored and proud to announce that this blog will be included in the resource section of the book Vulvodynia Heroes: 190 Women Share Their Experience and Treatment by Alexandra Carmichael and 190 CureTogether Members.

I was really happy to learn that Servicing My Chassis will also be featured in the resource section. Congratulations Lora!

For those of you who have not checked out CureTogether.com, take a look. It's a site that "helps people anonymously track and compare health data, to better understand their bodies, make more informed treatment decisions and contribute data to research." You can compare your health with people with the same condition, track your health and ultimately make better health decisions.

You don't have to use all the features, but by comparing your health, you are providing extremely valuable data that can help professionals discover novel therapies for patients like you. I think this site has the potential to have a tremendous impact on the future of medical research.


Lora said...

congratulations to you too!

i'm really proud of us. how many women must suffer in silence. at least we can b!tch and moan about it on the internet.

i'm so glad we take the time to blog about our vaginas.

Alexandra Carmichael said...

Thanks Quinn! With people like you out there blogging about vulvodynia, awareness will spread and people in pain will be helped.

Keep up the great work,
Alexandra Carmichael
Co-Founder, CureTogether.org