January 28, 2009

Another Year Goes By

Last year on this date I posted a tribute to one of the true pioneers of physical therapy, Florence Peterson Kendall. This year, in honor of her passing and her miraculous life, I want to once again pay tribute to Florence P. Kendall and remember her not only as a physical therapist, but also as my grandmother.

She continues to be my inspiration for trudging forward towards a nursing degree and eventually a Master's in Women's Health. I know she would be proud of me. Even though it's been three years since she left, she's still in my thoughts every day.

The greatest compliment I ever received came from my mother when she told me, "you have Amma's spirit." Sometimes I wish she could see how far I've come. My life was a mess when she died, but I believe in my heart that she knows.

For those of you who still have grandparents or even older parents, treasure them, love them, give them your time. Sometimes it can feel like an inconvenience to go out of your way to pay grandpa a visit, but the time we have is precious and fleeting. You'll be grateful for the moments you shared when they have gone.

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