July 28, 2009

Serious Design Flaw

On more than one occasion I've discovered that my clit was tender and swollen. Upon a thorough examination I've always found a buildup of shed cells stuck in one of the many nooks and crannies. Why are there so many folds down there? How do those folds benefit us?

Men would have a similar problem, but we circumcise them. In the USA, we take away the ugly extra folds of the foreskin that could cause hygiene problems. Why can't I get a little taken off the top? I'm not talking about full female circumcision. That's a horrific practice. I would just appreciate having my clit opened up a bit so stuff wouldn't get stuck in there.

I woke up in pain this morning. Usually I'm pain free in the morning, but today my clit feels raw and the opening of my urethra burns. The worst part is the urethral burning seems to be independent of peeing. What is going on down there?!?!?

I can't get comfortable and I have a painfully (yes, pun intended) long day. I have class until 10pm on top of a full day at the office. I'm going to go crazy. I can't skip it. It's the last class before the final, plus I have a quiz.

Sometimes, I wish I could just leave my vagina at home.


Anonymous said...

That's happened to me, too, on more than one occasion. I noticed a trend for me, though... It was always in the last couple of days of my period and the day after. Eventually I realized my tampon absorbancy was too high, was drying me out, and (I guess) causing extra friction on my clit when I moved around. I changed tampon absorbancy, and haven't had a problem since. Really freaked me out the first few times it happened!

Beth said...

There is also a branch of the pudendal nerve that affects the clit. Hmmmm....what doesn't this damn nerve affect??

I keep meaning to keep track of my cycle in relation to pain. Unlike others I've heard of, my burning pain gets worse AFTER my period...not before or during.
I dunno.

Hope you feel better.

Diane said...

I've noticed this, too. I used to try to clean all the smegma (that's what it's called) off/out. Once or twice I used a damp Q-tip--definitely an ouch. Any "cleaning" made it much worse for me. Finally I quit looking. And I never pull the clitoral hood back without lubricating it first.

I've also been using a bunch of "life changes" for the itching/burning, and the peri-bottle I got after my vulvar biopsy really seems to help. I've been using it for over a month...I'm never giving it up. :)