July 21, 2009

The Pee Pain Cleared Up

On Friday night my partner and I were packing for a weekend with his family. We got a little distracted by each other and wound up getting it on. There was a shot of pain through my urethra at the beginning. The pain gave way to pleasure and relaxation. It has been about a week and a half since our last encounter. I needed it.

Unfortunately because my area was out of whack, I didn't use my compound all week. That became painfully obvious when I went to clean off. The burning was unbelievable. I thought, "God is this what it was like in college? No wonder I cried every time I had sex!" Ouch! I used some lidocaine to numb the burning. My urethra was also in flames.

I worried that I had crippled myself for the entire weekend. I took have a vicodin before we got on the road. It was very difficult to find a comfortable position in the car. I squirmed around a lot, hoping my partner wouldn't notice. Lucky for me, he can be utterly oblivious.

When I went to bed that night, I applied the compound and took another vicodin. In the morning I was much better. I'm not sure how sex and a drug cocktail put an end to my urethral pain, but I'm grateful to be better.


Brieahn said...

Hey Quinn,
I was contacted by wellsphere to register as one of their bloggers and was wondering if you could give me a little feedback on your experience with the site. I am actually a member of the site itself which is how I found your blog, but I wanted to know how you like being one of their featured bloggers.

Quinn said...

Dear Brieahn,

I'm honored to be one of the featured bloggers. The site has really helped me reach more women and men (believe it or not). My only complaint is if you go back and edit an older entry, the changes don't seem to show up on Wellsphere. Otherwise I've been happy with it.