July 11, 2009

Just to Clarify

I believe you have to love your partner, warts and all. I'm far from perfect and so is he. At times this blog becomes my arena to bitch late at night about a problem that we're having. I'm very grateful to have a place to vent. I really need it sometimes.

My partner is unfairly represented on this blog because I don't write about the good stuff. That's not what this blog is about. This blog is about my chronic pelvic pain and that pain plays a role in my relationship at times.

My partner is an incredible man, with a good heart. I'm truly blessed to have found him. I would not be where I am without his positive influence on my life. I have never been so happy or so well. He brings out the good in me that I didn't know was there. He supports my dreams and he believes in me. He makes me happy. Thinking about him makes me smile. Even after three years, I still get starry eyed.

I can't wait to be his wife. I am so proud to have him.


Esther said...

Just so you know, I didn't take your last post as a complaint against him. I thought it was a really important take on a practice that seems out of touch with issues that some people face. I'm glad you shared your thoughts on it.

And I'm so happy for you two :)

Quinn said...

Thank you, Esther. You're exactly right. I shared that anecdote because I thought it was funny.

I can't believe the Catholic church wants to know about my snatch! Easy questions become touchy when you live with vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia.

AK said...

I'm glad to hear it! Congratulations on your wedding. It must be a very exciting thing to look forward to. :)