July 17, 2009

It Hurts After I Pee

Since last Saturday I've had a sharp pain in my urethra after I pee. It feels like someone stuck a knitting needle in there. It's very uncomfortable. I haven't found a position that alleviates it, but I have found lying down in certain positions makes the pain worse. Strange.

So the question is: do I have a nerve flare concentrated in my urethra or do I have an infection that is being magnified by my pudendal neuralgia? I really don't know. I don't have any other UTI symptoms, like urgency or increased frequency.

There have been times when I've had sex in certain positions and the opening of my urethra has been hit or rubbed the wrong way. The pain is similar, but it wasn't linked to peeing. This time, there was no sexual trauma.

I don't know what could have brought it on besides the summer heat. Let's face it ladies, on a hot day, you're going to sweat down there. Pink part perspiration has caused me a lot of problems lately.

When my kitty gets overheated, my lactobacillus population increases causing burning similar to a yeast infection.

Could my hot muff have caused my urethral pain?

I'm drinking cranberry juice and hoping it will go away on it's own. I just saw my doctor last week. If it's not better by Monday I'll call. This is contrary to my, "Why Suffer," motto, but it's good to be sure you need medical assistance first.

I haven't been able to have sex all week and, of course, it has to be the week my partner has eyes for me. Hopefully he'll still be hot for me when this goes away. Maybe I'm just more appealing when he can't have me... or I'm not asking for it...

There might be a lesson in all this.


Anonymous said...

Could it be interstitial cystitis? If so, the cranberry juice (acid) will make it worse not better. Just a thought. Interstitial cystitis showed up for me last year and after I downed almost a whole bottle of 100% unsweetened (totally gross) cranberry juice I found out I DIDN'T have a UTI and had made it worse. Hey, the good news if it is IC is that it is not progressive. Lame silver lining I know. p.s. I've had vulvodynia/vestibulitis for years and my doc said that IC, Vulvodynia and Endometriosis seem to go hand in hand. Figures.

Beth said...

definitely could be a branch of the pudendal nerve. so sorry to hear that.
yet, everything does go hand in hand. hope you're feeling better!

Brianna said...

Don't let anyone tell you cranberry juice will help. I have had this problem since I was 5 and have never had a UTI. It's a nerve thing. Ask your gyno about physical therapy. It helps.