January 14, 2008

You Better Follow Doctor's Orders

The Lyrica seemed to help reduce the amount of pain I had, but found myself in a horrible flare about once a month. I would go in and see my doctor. I would tell him what was wrong and he would ask me, “are you taking the Lyrica?” Yes “Are you using the numbing jelly?” Sometimes. “Are you using a cushion?” No.

That cushion was a sore subject between my doctor and I. After a few months in a row of coming in with the same complaints and not doing my part, he let me have it. My doctor ripped me a new one (if only that were true) about that damn cushion. He told me I couldn’t get better and I couldn’t get accurate treatment if I wasn’t doing everything he told me to do.

I had an ego problem at the time. I didn’t want to carry some kind of special seat with me wherever I went. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I didn’t want to look like some old lady with hemorrhoids! I was only 24!

After I got scolded, I put my embarrassment aside and ordered a bunch of inflatable doughnuts. I didn’t like the kneeling pad, but in my doctor’s eyes this was good enough. I sat on a doughnut at work and in the car. If I went out to eat, I sat on my coat.

I wasn’t going to make the mistake of going against doctor’s orders again.

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