January 14, 2008

Drug Problems

In the meantime, with every visit my doctor increased my dosage of Lyrica to try to combat the nerve pain signals. I went from a very low dose to the highest allowable dose in a few months.

Lyrica made me feel messed up. For the first week I took it I felt drunk. As my body adjusted, I stopped feeling high, but I started having memory problems. I couldn’t remember waking up in the morning. I couldn’t remember packing my lunch. I couldn’t even remember where I parked my car when I got to work. It was bad!

The Lyrica also made me extremely tired. It was very hard to function in the morning at work. I needed to take a nap during my lunch break. I couldn’t possibly stay awake. I would start seeing double or get blurred vision.

I took Lyrica three times a day and it seemed to get better by the afternoon. I became more alert and had fewer memory problems. But mornings were the worst.

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