January 17, 2008

Another Day, Another Injection

I had my second round of injections last night. It wasn’t nearly as painful this time. I’m hoping that’s a sign that the steroid is helping to reduce the nerve compression.

I was the last patient of the night and I think my doctor and his medical assistant were a little punchy. It helps to have a good laugh before a big shot.

While my doctor was prepping me, I asked the medical assistant if I could take a picture of the needle for my blog. I said, “I just want a picture of the needle. I don’t want a shot of it in me.” “No that’ll be on my blog!” my doctor chimed in.

I started to go numb pretty quickly this time, but I’m not nearly as numb as before. That’s probably a good thing because that first day two weeks ago I was having trouble containing my business. I really want to hold onto my record of 23 years without crapping myself. I consider it a personal best.

The next round of injections will be with a radiologist to ensure accuracy. Right now my doctor feels around inside me for the ligament that houses the pudendal nerve, with a scan he will be able to deliver the medication more precisely.

I have to wait until next week to call and find out when I can get my next shots.

(I'll post that picture as soon as I can get a hold of my camera cable)


Lora said...


I follow this blog too!

K said...

I wished I'd gotten a pic of the needle when I had that sort of injection at Mayo. Scary damn thing, eh?

Hey Lora - thanks for connecting us. Seems like a good network to have. Do you two know about the listserv?

a woman in pain said...

No. What's listserv?