January 17, 2008

Every Block Is Different...

Before I got my first block, my doctor warned me that it could last a week or it could last a day. Every block is different. The block I had on Tuesday didn’t quite last a day. I’m very disappointed and of course, uncomfortable.

Part of my pain, I think, is due to just the ordeal of getting the injections. My doctor really has to get his fingers deep into my squish to find the best injection sites. As I’ve already discussed, my skin in that area is very sensitive and prone to irritation. I think I got a little roughed up in the process. No Pain, no Gain? I guess in this case it’s more like: More Pain, No Gain…

I honestly think I’m worse than I was before my appointment. With this problem you have to take chances, because you really don’t have a lot of options. I haven’t given up on this treatment. If anything I’m grateful for a chance to have more accurate injections. Hopefully, if they’re in the right place, I’ll see better results.

I also still have my surgery date for May, but my doctor said that he will only consider it if the pain is getting in the way of my daily life. I think I’m already there.

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