February 11, 2010

Shovelling Upset My Kitty

Today I had to dig out my car and my driveway once again.  This is really getting old! 

Apparently snow shoveling puts pressure on the pudendal nerve.  I noticed as I lifted a shovel load of heavy snow there was a twinge of pain in the opening of my urethra.  I tried to shovel a few more times, but pain persisted.  I decided to quit and rest my nerve to avoid a flare. 

I hate feeling disabled but I'm happy to put the shovel down.  There are a few "benefits," if you will to vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia.  For instance, my cousin in-law was in labor for the last 30 hours.  That's something I won't have to endure.  


Anonymous said...

I shoveled snow & I think my pudental nerve is ok - feels the same as it ever did...

But now I can't move. Because I am so drained.

Pearl said...

Shoveling snow would upset my PN. I can't vacuum or mop...so I highly doubt I can shove!

Touching on something you mentioned...why do you say you won't ever have to endure 30 hours of labor? Will you have to have a C-section due to PN and vulvodynia, or are you all not having biological children?

Maybe that question is too personal. The reason I ask is that I keep hearing women with PN must get a C-section to avoid further damage to the nerve.

Quinn said...


Nothing is too personal on this site when it comes to lady parts. You're right. My pelvic pain specialist told me that I had to have a c-section and if I saw a doctor who wouldn't do so, to quickly find another.

At this point I plan on having children biologically, but I worry about going off all my medications. How will I manage my pain and anxiety?

Fortunately those challenges are a few years off for me, but that doesn't stop me from worrying about them often.

Pearl said...

Quinn, I have the same worries about going off medications. I also worry about pregnancy causing permanent increased pain.

K said...

My doc has specifically told me not to shovel.

K said...

Hm, it seems I am no longer the only "K" here. I'm going to go change my handle to "Kate."