February 6, 2010

Blizzard Good For Vulvodynia But Bad For Pudendal Neuralgia

We have over two feet of snow on the ground here.  Digging out has been a nightmare.  My husband took care of the sidewalk while I tackled my car.  The furious winds created snowdrifts all over the neighborhood and a nice big one right against my car. 

After clearing away as much as I could from the top and right side, I decided to try to clear away the mountain of snow on the left side.  As I trudged around the car I quickly found myself up to my lady bits in snow.  Frankly it was kind of nice.  I thought maybe every lady out there with vulvodynia should take a few minutes to have a seat in the snow.  A couple steps further and suddenly the snow was over my boobs.  I was completely buried.  Because my car is only about a foot and a half away from my neighbor's fence clearing away that side was futile, but I still had fun.

In the backyard we started playing in the snow.  I dove backwards off the porch into the snow.  It was like landing in a memory foam bed.  If it weren't so damn cold I could have stayed there for hours.  Not the smartest thing to do with pudendal neuralgia, but I was fairly confident that I would have a soft landing.

I normally hate snow.  I had a sledding accident when I was 16 that may have actually caused my pudendal neuralgia.  My parents lived on a big hill so winter weather was always a blast.  One afternoon I took my standard poodle out with me to keep me company while I went sledding [technically an only child : ( ].  I climbed to the top of the hill for my first ride.  I took off at a good speed.  My dog ran playfully beside me.  Suddenly I hit something hard, was thrown up in the air and landed on my back with the sled on top of me.

The impact knocked the wind out of me.  I hit my tailbone so hard that I thought I was paralyzed.  As I regained my breath I remember telling myself, "ok try to move your toes."  I did so I knew I was ok.  I was in so much pain I couldn't get up for a few minutes.  My dog sat anxiously by my side.

When I finally got to my feet I realized what had happened.  I hit a tree stump hidden under the snow.  I dragged my sled back to the house and vowed to never sled again.  I still haven't.  From that point on, I've hated snow.

I didn't show symptoms of pudendal neuralgia for a few years, but that's the only injury I sustained to that area.  I'll probably never know definitively what caused my PN, but at least I've made peace with the snow.


Anonymous said...

I've had pain, burning and itching on my vulva for at least 20 years and it was only this year that I found out what was causing it. It gets worse after intercourse. My nurse practitioner says it's due to some vascular damage I sustained as a child (won't get into how, it's not pleasant). I've been thinking I had some strange kind of chronic yeast infection I couldn't kick all this time. Anyhow, the cold packs she recommended help a lot. I'm going to look into the two diagnoses you've mentioned for yourself and see if they're related to what I have. I manage a lot better with icing myself when things flare up, but it's by no means cured. Anyhow, thanks for writing this blog. It's helpful to hear how another women copes with pain in her 'lady parts'.

Pearl said...

Oh my goodness. What a scary accident.

We had more snow than usual this year. I definitely thought about sticking my rear in the snow more than once. :) It seems more effective...just get the whole area iced at once!

Glad you've made peace with the snow.