March 19, 2009

One Good Thing About Being A Cripple

My flare has finally ended. I still have some pain, but that seems to be the norm now. I don't get to stay at zero like I once could.

Recently, I found a ray of sunshine in the cloudy abyss of vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia. I got a jury duty notice in the mail. I was summoned, but I had to give all my information in preparation of a jury summons. Boo! I did not want to be called for jury duty and now I never will.

When I showed my notice to my brilliant fiance, he said, "can't your doctor write you a note for that?" Of course, how in the world could I sit in some horrible chair for 8 hours a day? There's no way. I would be in agony. I don't think the court system would let one random juror stand up during the trial.

I called my doctor and found out that he has completed the necessary paperwork for other patients. It took me a week to get through to the city courthouse, but now the permanent disability form is in the mail. As soon as I receive it, I have to take it to my doctor to complete and I have to return the original to the courthouse.

I'm very relieved I have the opportunity to do this. I appreciate the civic duty of being on a jury, but it's really not something my body can handle.

I had an important meeting yesterday at work and I had to sit properly at a table for an hour and a half. It started a minor flare. Next time, I'm just going to stand, even if it makes me look unprofessional or conspicuous. It's just not worth the pain to pretend to be something I'm not.

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That's really good to know!