March 11, 2009

Finally Some Relief

The Clindamicin has made a big difference. My burning has dissipated to a tolerable level. I'm glad my doctor figured out the source and prescribed the right treatment. I was even able to get my monthly wax job!

I've learned that while it's good to monitor your symptoms, but for a diagnosis and treatment, I'm better off going to my doctor. For all I know, it was lactobacillus all along and there never was a yeast infection.

My doctor has a policy where you can be squeezed into the schedule on a given day for a yeast check. I didn't want to trouble my doctor or myself because I really thought I had it all figured out. In the end, I still had to go see him. Next time I think I have a yeast infect, I'm starting with him. Even if there's no yeast, he my see another explosion in the lactobacillus population.

Without a microscope and a wet prep, I can't make those determinations from home. Hmmm...

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