November 25, 2008

Still Flared

My doctor told me that most likely the reason I'm still in pain is because the nerve has flared. In this case, the problem began in the skin, the pain signaling from the skin trauma caused the nerve to flare. He didn't find any evidence of yeast, but there was an overabundance of good bacteria, which could imply that there was yeast before I took the Diflucan.

He also found fissions, or tears in my clit, which could have been cause by trauma or just from the presence of yeast. I think the tears were cause by wearing pajama pants to bed. I would guess tossing around caused the seam to rub me in all the wrong places. Either way, the only thing I'm wearing to bed from now on is socks, maybe a T-shirt if it's cold.

My doctor wrote me a prescription for Climdese, which helps treat the bacteria levels in my cootie catcher. It's a cream that you insert. Fun stuff. And the best part is, as the goo is seeping out of me, it's getting lodged in the folds of my clit and causing me a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. I've had to get in the bathtub 2 or 3 times a day to clear it out. It's so painful.

This is the first time I've had a pain flare in my clit and it is horrific. The increasing scope of my condition makes me worry that my nerve damage is getting worse. God knows it's not going to get better without surgical intervention, if then.

I really try to keep those worrysome, negative thoughts out of my head. It's completely out of my control. Besides, I have so much to be thankful for in my life.

You can't forget that life, in any state, is a gift. This is the time we have to enjoy. In the words of the late Joseph Campbell, "follow your bliss."

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K said...

I have been following your blog - I am happy for your engagement, as it shows that even we with pelvic pain can still carry on a healthy relationship - but I am sorry for this flare.

I don't *think* I have PN... Sometimes I have this weird sciattic pain that kind of runs from my vag (can't pinpoint it other than to say "The left side," sometimes it bothers 1 side of my clit a little) all the way down my leg but... it seems to be mostly under control. I say the vestibulitis part is "Quarantined."

But I remember, during the peak of vestibulitis-days, - I THINK this was partly hormonal in nature - I had clitoral pain that was like... it would ache-throb or sting-throb every few seconds... that was just awful. It would go on for a good long while too.

I remember that part. Oh yes I remember...

It seemed to be worse if I took oral grape seed extract... are you taking any of this? I started taking the grape seed extract because I read that it's supposed to be good for nerves but it just, made things worse.
I tried it again a while back, like a few months ago when things were better & the clitoral pain wasn't there so I figured oh hey maybe I'll be okay but it STILL happened. I just can't use that stuff.

I cannot feel your pain 100% the same, but, I kind of get it. It's not like you can just sweep the goop away from your clit either, it sounds like. I'm just going to hope that for you it goes away on its own.