May 15, 2008

The Anatomy of a Pudendal Nerve Flare

I finally got the replacement part for my kneeling chair and not a moment too soon.  I'm in bad shape.  

Last Thursday night I got injured doing my favorite activity in the world.  It's amazing how the slightest shift in position can be the difference between pleasure and days of pain.  Essentially, my partner came down and scraped the front of my snooch a couple times.  Now everything around the opening of my urethra (sorry, I haven't found a better term for that) feels inflamed. 

The next day when I became aware of the extent of the injury, I found myself thinking, "Ha, what would a pudendal nerve decompression surgery do for this?  Nothing!"  

Oh, how short-sighted we can be...

The initial trauma sent pain signals through my pudendal nerve to my brain.  Those pain signals caused the nerve to flare.  It was only a minor scrape.  I have no doubt that it has healed by now.  The flare is drastically worse than the original injury.  At this point, the only source of relief is lying on my back.  I can't even stand without pain.  

I have my first CT-guided pudendal nerve block next Wednesday.  At this rate, I should definitely be able to test of efficacy of that procedure.

The results should also verify if the decompression surgery is right for me.     


The Honorable Samantha Grace said...


Are you interested in doing a guest blog either as a one time deal or as a series? I think the stories you put on here are great ideas of how to cope and control your pain. I'd love to have you!


AK said...

I just randomly googled "kneeling chair and pudendal nerve pain" and stumbled across your blog. I've been dealing with the same thing for about 7 years now, and I have my times of flare and remission. Right now I'm studying for the bar exam and it is freaking out big time. I can't find a single position that's comfortable, and I'm wanting to rip out my pelvis and throw it out the window... I've been going to physical therapy for about a year now, and while that helps a lot for some people, it's usually just a temporary alleviation for me.

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard some horror stories, but I'd strongly advise against the decompression surgery. I've met some people who had it, and I've talked to physical therapists who deal with people post-op. Neither I nor the therapists could identify one person who wasn't (at least) twice as bad as they were before the surgery. Tread cautiously.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment... just wanted to say that I'm with you. It fucking blows.

I'd love to know how the nerve block goes. I was supposed to get one before I lost my insurance. :(

joan flyte said...

I have been suffering form IC, pudendal nerve entrapment, vestibulitis for 5 years. I had every treatment possible including the surgery up in New Hampshire with Dr Conway. Don't have the surgery. It doesn't work. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me! My life is ruined.