April 28, 2008

Someone Pilfered My Hope

What are the chances?  After my ergonomic evaluation, the gentleman who met with me found an adjustable workstation that appeared to be abandoned in the hospital.  He found out the name of the doctor that owned it and asked if it was available.  

I've been waiting since Thursday to learn if I could have it.  This morning I got the call that I could pick it up and take it to my office.  The doctor labeled the desk with the name of my evaluator.  We planned to meet at 2:30 today to roll it back to my office.  

By the time I got to the desk, someone had removed the drawers and the adjustable neck for the computer monitor.  It was there in one piece this morning and now it's useless.  

I called the company that makes the desk and asked if they had replacement parts.  They do, but they stopped making the desk I have.  There is a part they could work, but it would cost over $270!  That's not including the part I would need to order from Mac in order to suspend my computer from the arm.  (it's only designed for flat screen monitors)

For that price, I may as well get a new workstation that better fits the space I have.  

I was so happy and now I'm crushed.  I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Hopefully something else will work out. 

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