December 21, 2009

When You Slack On Your Meds You Pay The Price

With my altered emotional state, sex has not been a top priority, but thankfully I'm feeling more like myself now.

Last night, I decided to get it on, but I almost had to tell my husband to get it off. I felt so much pain at the moment of penetration, I involuntarily pushed him. For a fleeting second, I thought I have to stop, but like always I soldiered on. I don't want to give my husband a complex. He worries too much about everything as it is.

The pain is concentrated around the opening of my squish, and trust me it's still burning bright right now. I believe this is primarily a vulvodynia issue based on the location of the discomfort. I have to confess that I haven't used my estrogen testosterone compound in months. Perhaps all that resilience has worn off.

Tonight it's back to the compound and maybe I'll get intimate with an icepack for a while. I am really uncomfortable. I hope I haven't really set myself back.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried having your husband (or you) put liberal amounts of Astroglide gel (similar to KY Jelly, but less irritating) in and around the sensitive area before penetration? It really helps! Also, make sure he knows to enter slowly. Kegel exercises every day can also help you learn to relax your muscles around the vaginal opening at the right time.

BETH said...

On the other hand, if it is pudendal neuraliga (which can cause penetration pain), you should NOT be doing Kegels....