December 12, 2008

Why Couldn't It Be A Normal Problem?

I just have to reiterate how absurd this whole situation is. I really thought I was going to see my doctor and he would say, "yup, the skin looks a little irritated. Use some Hydrocortisone for a few days and go back to your old shampoo."

Instead he tells me that my clit is fusing shut. Come on! Does that really happen to people?!?!?

The good news is, the steroid seems to be making a difference. I've used it for 3 nights and my clitoral pain has decreased. I'm sure digging out that mass of epithelial cells helped as well. I haven't started pulling things apart when I apply the ointment. I want to let it calm down first.

I think between my class being over and my clit being treated, I should have a pretty nice weekend. I hope you all do the same.

Thank you for your thoughts and support through this difficult flare.

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