April 19, 2011

Has It Really BeenTwo Months Since I Posted!?!?

This is how insanely busy and stressful my life has been the last two months.  I haven't even had time to think about my vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia, let alone write about it. 

On the whole I've been managing pretty well.  I've had problems with pain during my three hour class, even with my stupid cushion.  I think I need to make some new ones.  I think the foam is wearing out. 

I'm having some pain with intercourse, but it's tolerable.  I got a new prescription for my estrogen testosterone compound and I think that's helping. 

My biggest problem right now is my jaw.  I'm having BIG problems.  About a month ago I got a root canal.  That inflamed my jaw.  The proceeding filling and crown placement in the subsequent weeks made it worse.  I haven't been able to open my mouth more than half an inch for the last 12 days.  The last 10 days I was on a prescription anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant.  I saw my dentist yesterday and he was about to send me to an oral surgeon, when he decided to try a different muscle relaxant.  The first one didn't seem to have any effect on me.  Perhaps it's all the drugs I already take...

Well this new drug has knocked me on my ass.  I drove to school today, but I can tell my reaction time is delayed.  I feel very tired and groggy.  I think the medication is helping.  I can almost open my mouth an inch.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a start. 

It's extremely aggravating because I feel like a prisoner in my own body.  I literally cannot open my mouth.  There are times when it makes me feel really anxious.  I want to fight the resistance and stretch my mouth as wide as I can, but my doctor told me that's the worst thing I could do.  I could potentially dislocate my jaw.  Scary.

I've had jaw problems since I had my tonsillectomy in 2001.  I had my jaw propped open for so long, it shifted the alignment of my jaw.  I had some limited range of motion and a great deal of pain and stiffness in the mornings, but I could open my mouth.  It took months to get better.

I ran into this problem again when I had two of my wisdom teeth removed.  I elected to only do two at a time to reduce the amount of time my mouth had to be open.

It has never been this bad though.  I could always open it, there was just a great deal of pain.  This situation really worries me.  I'm scared.   


the girl with pain "down there" said...

Wow, that sucks. I can't imagine only being able to open my mouth a half inch. Good luck.

jenji said...

Is it TMJ? I had a horrible case of that after a serious car accident and it took quite some time and a myriad of muscle relaxants to work itself out. Then, years later it just suddenly came back and my dentist made me a bite guard for sleeping because apparently I'm a clencher when I sleep. No more problems after that and anytime I feel it flaring up I make sure I wear the guard religiously each night.

It's brutal pain, but to have it on both ends of your body is just abusive. Sorry. :(


Anonymous said...

I had a jaw injury and then some jaw grinding problems a few years ago, and a chiropractor sorted it out for me. I also trained myself not to grind my jaw at night by doing some stretches and yawns before bed. It seems that if your neck is out of whack it puts your jaw out of whack and that makes you grind your teeth at night and so on. If having your jaw open for a long time seems to have damaged the alignment of your jaw, maybe they can put it right for you. Good luck.

sick_fledgling said...

Hi Quinn,
I had my wisdom teeth taken out this past summer and it took me quite a while for me to be able to open my mouth any decent distance. Be adamant about massaging those tight jaw muscles and applying heat. Although I'm not sure if what you're going through is worse than what I did, but try to be patient with it. I'd say it was a good two months before my jaw was completely back to normal.

ann said...

sorry to hear about your jaw. just found your blog ... i also have pain in my undercarriage, but during sex, and just started a blog about my frustration.

and as it turns out, our blogs are eerily like bog twins in appearance.

i guess women with pain in their vajay seek out o'keefe and pink watercolors??

hang in there, friend.

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