May 14, 2010

I'm Not Good With Change

The closer I get to nursing school, the more fear and doubt I have.  I'm scared that I won't make it through school.  I'm scared that I'll have anxiety attacks at the sight of blood.  I'm scared of completely changing careers.  Once I start this program, there's no turning back. 

Over the past week, I've received a few emails from readers here that reminded me why I've come this far.  There are so many women who need help and I want to be able to help in a professional capacity.  The only way that's going to happen is if I get through nursing school and get two more degrees under my belt. 


AK said...

It will be worth it. It's natural to have doubts about a serious (and expensive) life change, but this seems like something you've wanted for a long time. Don't let the practicalities get you down too much...just remember all the women you can empathize with and help over the course of your life. Good luck!

Simone Mersenne said...

All I can say is that the patients who will someday be under your care will be very, very lucky to have you.

This2shallpass said...

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