September 9, 2008

US News and World Report

This morning when I went into the bathroom, I noticed that my boyfriend had left an article open for me to see. It was the cover story from the current issue of US News and World Report titled, Making the Most of the New Sexual Revolution. The final section of the article was dedicated to vulvodynia. I think that's fantastic!

The woman featured in the article had a story so similar to mine. It gave me a lot of comfort and hope. The word is getting out, ladies! The issue is on news stands now. Check it out.

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Jeanne said...


Awareness is increasing...

Here are some resources that you may or may not be aware of:

National Vulvodynia Association

International Pelvic Pain Society

Physical therapy for pelvic pain (some cities have PTs that do this, other don't... check with the two above organizations to find a practitioner).


P.S. I have pain that radiates down my leg and acupuncture is the ONLY thing that helps following complications in a nerve cutting surgery. (It was the genitofemoral nerve and lateral femoral nerve that were cut).