June 5, 2008

CT-Guided Pudendal Nerve Block: The Jury Is Still Out

I've been very reluctant to post about my CT-guided pudendal nerve block because I haven't seen any positive change.  I actually think I've had a complication or two.  

I don't want to frighten anyone away from considering this procedure.  There were a lot of factors that have tainted the results for me.  

I've had a lot of pain in my left butt cheek, which at times radiates down my left leg.  I feel badly bruised in my left knee, the top of my left foot and my left heel.  Very strange.  It hasn't been constant and it appears to be dissipating.  Thank God.  

In the wake of my yeast infection, my area has been on fire!  I wasn't sure whether it was a nerve flare or if the skin was actually inflamed.  After ignoring it and not sitting at all for a few days it got no better.  There was more of a sharp itch to the burning than my usual pain, so I tried a course of hydrocortisone suppositories.  It was definitely a skin issue and that's finally clearing up as well.  I'm glad I had those lying around.  

My doctor had prescribed them for me a few months back and I hadn't used them.  Boy, am I glad I kept them!  I was going crazy.  

During this time of heightened pain, I've noticed that even standing makes me flare.  It makes sense.  If you stand for too long in one place, blood starts seep out of the capillaries in your lower extremities.   This can lead to swelling and even fainting.  My theory is that there is also a fluid buildup in my moose knuckle.  

I guess I just need to find a balance between sitting and standing at my job.  What I really need is to be able to recline at times, but that's not an option.  

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