February 7, 2008

Sometimes Being Sick Is the Best Medicine

I think I got myself in trouble for using the word “worst” in a previous entry. Pain is dynamic and scales are relative. What was worst then is peanuts now.

I strongly believe that the last round of injections caused a nasty flare. In my attempt to avoid the word worst, persistent and hopeless are two good words that come to mind. I couldn’t sit for half an hour without searing pain. I got desperate and emotional.

Honestly, the greatest blessing this past week was getting really sick. I felt horrible. Sore throat, fever, headache, dizziness and complete exhaustion. I got permission to work from home on Wednesday. Like a good patient, I stayed in bed all day. Subsequently, I had no pain for an entire day. Good start.

On Thursday, I stood almost the entire day. Some pain. Less burning. I still felt sick as a dog! Friday, I wasn’t strong enough to stand. I did everything I needed to do for the day and got permission to leave early. I got right back in bed. Again, less pain.

Meanwhile, I was getting worse instead of better. I had a blinding headache for 8 days. I was so weak, I got winded walking from my car to the house and I had to rest for a long time after completing simple tasks. My mother forced me to go to an urgent care center. There I was told that I had sinusitis. A doctor gave me antibiotics and a note excusing me from work on Monday.

I am feeling so much better. Modern medicine is incredible. I started to make a major comeback in a day and a half once I began my course of antibiotics.

Thanks to my sinus infection, I was able to rest and stay off my pudendal nerve. It was enough time to quiet a raging flare. I feel very fortunate for the time I had to recover. I thought I wasn’t going to bounce back from that flare. I read that if not done precisely, a nerve block injection could cause irreparable damage to the nerve.

I thought I was ruined.

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The Honorable Samantha Grace said...

sometimes being sick can actually help us stop and take time to ourselves.